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    remote desktop (xp sp2)

    We operate a gigabit peer to peer network using Windows XP Professional. I would like to be able have one of the computers on the network be operated from any of the other computers. We do not need remote access over the internet. Speed and ease of use is important. Also, the software being used does have a dongle hardware lock.

    Is there a consensus on whether Windows Remote Desktop is acceptable for this purpose? Is it a kludge? Would third party software be a better option?

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    Re: remote desktop (xp sp2)

    Short Answer: Remote desktop is a good thing.

    More detailed answer:
    We use remote desktop here to manage about 125 machines. It is a lot easier to connect remotely rather than go to the machine, especially to fix the computers at our branch offices (a 5 hour drive away). I also use it to connect to the file servers from my desktop rather than trudging down to the server room each time I need to make a change.

    As far as speed goes, on a LAN, especially with gigabit speeds you should not notice any lag time. There is a somewhat noticeable lag to our branch offices, but that is because we have a crowded line rather than a side effect of the remote desktop tool.

    There are third-party tools to do the same thing, but I like the price of this one and it does what I need it too quite handily. If you were connecting to the remote computers over a modem line then I would suggest something like Citrix that is more efficient in the transfer.

    The hardware lock should not be an issue as the computer behaves as if you were sitting at the terminal (access to local drives on the remote PC). Depending on how you have it set up though, your mileage may vary. Give it a try.

    You will need to configure each workstation to allow for Remote Desktop. You can either do that in the System window (Control Panel > System >Remote tab) as a local policy or as a group policy. If there is anyone else logged onto the computer that you remote to it will kick them off (it will warn you first). You will also need to use a user ID that is an administrator for the remote computer (rather than that of a regular user).

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