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    Normal gets larger (Word 2000 - 2003)

    We developed a VB6 COM component that manages menus that is used by our various custom Word templates. Because the menus used by one template may be different than another template we create the menus when a template is opened Activate), tear it down when the word window is deactivated. This handles having mulitpe word documents opened at the same time that are based on our templates. The problem we are seeing is that "" increases in size and we do not understand whhy it should based on the code.

    The DLL is already present which can either be registered or since the VB project is included it could be recompiled. There is a registry file which needs to be imported which can be done by just clicking it. When a Word document is opened there will be a menu item to the far right named "test" with two sub menu items. To make normal increase just change focus from the Word doc t another window or min and max the Word doc. Thank you for any help on this matter.
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