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    Added memory no new resources?

    I recently upped my memory from 128M to 384M in the hope of preventing the frequent hangs I have due to low resources, and it's not doing any good at all. The 384M shows up fine, but exactly the same percentage of resources (83%) remains after startup as did before, and it's getting used up in the same alarming fashion. Any ideas?

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    Re: Added memory no new resources?

    Check out the following <A target="_blank" HREF=> KB Q90762 </A>. True it was written for Windows 3.0, but in todays world this is still what is happening.
    <font color=red>USER.EXE and GDI.EXE each have a data segment (that is, heap) limited to 64K. The 8086/80286 platform architecture imposes this 64K limit. Program Manager checks the percentage of free heap space for both USER.EXE and GDI.EXE. It then reports the smaller of the two percentages. For example, if USER.EXE has 50 percent free heap space, and GDI.EXE has 70 percent free heap space, Program Manager reports 50 percent. </font color=red>

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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    Re: Added memory no new resources?

    Upgrade without delay to Win 2000 Professional. If you are serious about this., use a dual boot system in tandem with 98SE.
    I did exactly the change you describe and got immediate and dramatic results on a Pentium ll machine under both OSs. Try something like T-Clock to give a crude-but-effective idea of memory usage. However, make sure your slow-down is not due to a virus scanner working in real-time. There are other issues to consider - such as killing MS Office FindFast and so on.


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