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    Formula to subtotal page (Excel 2003)

    Is there a way to add a formula in the footer (or some similar area) that would subtotal values on the page. Workin with a 27 page spreadsheet and it'd be nice to see a running total per page. Can't put a formula in an actual cell cause, if you add info, that cell location may shift down to the next page. Thought the footer would be best, but open to suggestions.

    Thanks - Sat.

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    Re: Formula to subtotal page (Excel 2003)

    Excel has no builtin features to subtotal a page. The easiest way would probably be to use the builtin subtotal feature using its "Page break between groups" option

    The other workarounds would require VBA to determine the page breaks before printing, sum each page and change the footer as it was printing. It would make printing extremely slow. It would require that you don't print directly but print using the macro created to do the job.


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    Re: Formula to subtotal page (Excel 2003)

    Excel does not provide for this. You may be able to make clever use of the Subtotals feature built into Excel - it has a "Page break between groups" option. Otherwise you will have to insert hard page breaks and sum formulas yourself.

    If you have Access, you could create a database with a table linked to the Excel data, and design a report with subtotals in the page footer.

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