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    Win98 SE install freeze

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by shelldawn on 26-Jun-01 18:58 (server time).</FONT></P>I am installing Win 98 SE on a pc with a new 600 mhz
    Celeron processor, 64mg rams and 8.4 gb newly formatted
    hd. Each time I get to the setup screen that say "checking
    for available disk space" it locks up at 58%. I have tried
    repartiitoning so that I am installing on a 1.5 gb
    partition in case this was being cause by the over 8gb hd.
    I have tried using a different cd also but to no avail.
    Anybody ever run into this before? Or have any suggestions?

    This IS NOT during presetup scandisk, that runs fine. This is after you get to the Windows Setup windows.
    You get a welcome screen, then a windows is preparing the setup wizard. Then you choose the directory
    where you want to install c:windows. The the next windows says "Preparing Directory". Is runs 2 meters;
    "Checking for installed components" and goes through that to 100% just fine, and "Checking for available
    disk space". This is the one that freezes at 58% everytime.

    Shellie Magers
    Technical Analyst

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    Re: Win98 SE install freeze

    You could be having problems copying a file from your CdRom. This <A target="_blank" HREF=>article</A> describes how to setup Windows 98 from your hard drive.

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