During pre-registration periods, we traditionally post sign-up sheets outside our doors and ask our advisees to take a look and pick a slot.

I think we might be able to do this electronically by using the personal calendar functionality. Is that a valid assumption? If so I would like to use this option to make the appointment making process a little bit 21st century!

I need to learn how to do this before I can suggest it to my colleagues. How do we proceed with this?

I think most of us would probably use this approach initially just during registration periods. We'll block off times unavailable for sign-ups on a day-by-day basis. We should also be able to close it down for the following day let's say at 5:00 pm so that no one signs up for a time slot during the evening hours when most of us don't check next days schedule.

It you can help with all of this if will be much appreciated.