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    Big problem for me

    I recently installed Office 2000 and have problems with Excel only. I previously installed it in an other computer I own and have had no problems with that installation. My most recent installation was to a computer that I had to re-format recently and did the installation of Excel after that. My problem is that first when I seek to get Help via the help button on the toolbar I get a repsonse that says "help requires Microsoft I E 3.0 or higher" but I alreay have Explorer 5.5 installed. Then I cannot get the gridlines to print nor can I get background color in cells. I have documents in which I use these options. When I request to print them various vertical and horizontal lines of various sizes appear on the screen and a 2-3 inch block of black with white or red dashes appear at the top of the document. The result is that the document prints ok but without the color or the gridlines. What can be the matter--any suggestions would be of help. Thanks Juliaeob

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    Re: Big problem for me

    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1>Edited by grugeon on 01/01/14 23:36.</FONT></P>The printing problems could be caused by a known bug. There is a knowledge base article about it at although this is only supposed to apply to Access.

    Try setting your printer spooling to EMF.
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    Re: Big problem for me

    Thanks for the suggestion. Will try it out and let you know.

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