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    Finding Power Point Clip Art (2003)

    In Power Point 2003 When I try to insert clip art - I get a list/picture of thumbnails - that mostly do not show a picture. It appears that Power Point is not looking in the right place for the clip art. How do I point power point to the right location? Following is the exact message that I get:
    When I click on the item - I get the following message:

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    Re: Finding Power Point Clip Art (2003)

    In PowerPoint 2003 if you start to insert clip art, it brings up the task panel. Near the bottom of that is a small option as shown in the attached picture that lets you organize you clip art. If you click on that it brings up a dialog box that lets you select where PowerPoint will look for clip art. That should let you reset the folders that it will look in for clip art.

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