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    Building a form (Access 2000)

    Please give an idea which is the best way to build a form from the tables visits,customers and tblclients,
    according to the attached attachement.The form i have built is not the best one and further, do i need a main form and a subform?

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    Re: Building a form (Access 2000)

    Some general tips:
    <UL><LI>Select Tools | Options... and activate the General tab.
    Turn off "Track name AutoCorrect info". This option slows down your database and can cause problems.
    You have to turn it off in each database individually, it is on by default.
    <LI>Open each table in design view.
    Set the Subdatasheet Name property to [None].
    Remove duplicate indexes. For instance, the tblClients table has two indexes on ClientID. Keep the primary key, remove the other one. Superfluous indexes take up unnecessary space.
    Save the table design.
    <LI>Create relationships between the tables and set referential integrity for the relationships. For example, create a relationship between tblVisits and tblClients on ClientID.
    <LI>Access sets the Default Value property of Number fields to 0 (for example, for ClientID and CustomerID in tblVisits). This is usually not desirable, so clear the Default Value property for Number fields,[/list]I would use separate forms for
    - Entering and editing customers (based on tblCustomers)
    - Entering and editing clients (based on tblClients)
    - Entering and editing visits (based on tblVisits)

    You could use combo boxes on the latter form to make it easy to select a customer and a client for a visit.

    See attached demo.

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