Help! Suddenly, all my personalized sub-folders and their messages have disappeared! They are also gone from My Documents where I save them. Do not know what I did: one minute, everything was there; I minimized the program to work on something else and, when I opened OE up again, only the original default folders were there, all of them empty, too.

The only thing I had done differently today was download a trial version of Trojan Remover, turn off Norton AntiVirus for the 2 minutes it took to run a TR scan and then turn it back on. TR said there were no malicious items on the computer. I had set a Restore Point before installing TR, but the PC would not restore itself to that point when I tried to do so (actually it has refused to do any restoring lately, come to think of it, when I've tried for other things).

I've also tried closing and reopening OE; switching identities (there are 2 on the PC only one of which is regularly used); restarting the computer (which was done by System Restore).

All our criticial business emails are in those folders and I truly am puzzled about what happened. I am also frantic hoping someone here can help me get them back!