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    Publishing existing form and report (Access2000 )

    question: I have just created this database whose main function is to display customized information. Basically, I have a form where users can specify (via combo boxes) the servers, date range, and backup level that a subsequent report displays. For example, a user can choose servers 1-5, backed up from May 25 through June 1, with a backup level of Full. When the user clicks on the "Run Report" button, the report is opened. The report is connected to a query that gets its parameters from the Main form.

    Is there a way I can transform these three objects into a Data Access Page? In other words, turn my forms and reports into a webpage without having to start from scratch and starting a Data Access page?


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    Re: Publishing existing form and report (Access2000 )

    The isn't exactly what you wanted, but the following chapter 10 Reproduced from Access 2000 Developer's Handbook, Volume 2,

    Is available online:-

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Chapter 10: Creating Data Access Pages

    You may find it some help.

    There is also a down load example

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