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    File and printer sharing

    I recently installed a Home wireless network (Belkin router 54g and a Belkin USB G 54 adapter). For now, I have it on two Dell Computers. The router I have attached to the Dell with the XP Pro edition and the USB adapter I have attached to the Dell Home edition. Everything is working fine, when connecting to the internet. My question is ? What is the next step to get the PC's talking to each other and sharing files. I couldn't find anything on this. No one took it to the that level. Should I use the Microsoft Network or wirless setup on both PC.'s Belkins advises that I should not use WZC on the USB G54 connection on the Dell home edition computer. Microsoft is advising that I use that software, from the other party, on the Dell home edition computer. On the Dell XP Pro edition Belkin's configuration does show up in my Network connections.. Belkins configuration does show up, when I did a Dell scan on the networks on both computers. On my home edition I have two icons. Microsoft wirless and Belkin's. On the XP Pro edition I have no icons.

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    Re: File and printer sharing

    When I shared the printer on my XP Pro box so that it could be used by my wireless-connected XP Home box, all I did was to go into Printers and Faxes, select the printer, then right-click on it and choose Sharing from the menu. Then click on the radio button in front of Share this printer, and choose a share name. Provided the Home PC can see the Pro PC, all was well! There's acres of stuff found on a Google search for XP print sharing if that doesn't do what you want...

    File sharing can be a whole heap more messy, but again a Google search got me lots of useful information.

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