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    Export-import module (Excel 2003)

    Hi all,

    this is a general question regarding importing and exporting modules, I know it is easy enough to export a module to folder, is there a way to import a module or access a module outside the VBA project? so if I wanted to use a function located in a folder within a module on my C: drive how would I go about doing it, in code.

    Thanks Darryl.

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    Re: Export-import module (Excel 2003)

    An exported module is just a text file. VBA cannot run code directly from such a text file, You'll have to import it into the Visual Basic Editor (File | Import File) to be able to use the code in the module.

    I wouldn't recommend going about importing modules using code, it is tricky and requires being very familiar with the more abstruse aspects of VBA.

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