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    Limit RAM for Windows Use

    In the Latest Woody's Windows Watch ZDNet links there is an article on Limiting RAM for Windows use

    It shows how to check/modify SYSTEM.INI [386Enh]'s MaxPagingFileSize=nnn

    I found that the instruction left me confused

    e.g. it states that for 128MB the nnn figure should be 31768

    Does this mean that if you have 128MB's of Ram you should set this nnn so that Windows only gets use 32MB's of the total RAM ??

    I have 256<MB's of RAM and the figure that exists for my nnn figure is showing as being 262144

    Can anyone tell me what would be the recommended number to use in my case

    My email address is

    Thanks in advance

    Max Rieper

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    Re: Limit RAM for Windows Use

    You would normally not want to use this at all. It prevents Windows from using all available physical memory. In fact <A target="_blank" HREF=>KB Q146912</A> specifically recommends removing or commenting out this setting if it exists.

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    Re: Limit RAM for Windows Use

    The setting being asked about is actually for the upper
    limit of the swap file.

    Your reference is to a different setting.

    An interesting one, I might add!

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    Re: Limit RAM for Windows Use

    Oops, err......, well not exactly.

    The <A target="_blank" HREF=,5594,2773064,00.html>link</A> to ZdNet references the physical memory setting but the original post in this thread talks about Maximum Swap Size on disk.

    The swap file disk size settings should ONLY be changed by using My Computer|Properties|Performance|Virtual Memory.

    FYI, I usually set this to manage my own with Min and Max set to 3 times physical (ie. real) memory.

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