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    Special footnote numbering request (2003)

    I have a dozen or so footnotes in my document. I wish to restart the numbering on each page. Because it is a technical document with equations, the common numbering styles (1,2,3; a,b,c etc.) are not good because they can be confused with the math. It is common in such documents to use the symbol sequence asterisk, dagger, dbl dagger.... Word conveniently offers this as a standard sequence. BUT the first "number"--the asterisk--is also bothersome (for several reasons, which I won't go into here). So I want to start the sequence with the second "number"--the dagger. It appears that Word will allow to me to do this but ONLY if the numbering is consecutive through the whole document: when I select "start at" and choose anything but the first symbol, then the "numbering" box automatically changes to "continuous" instead of "restart each page.

    Does anyone know a way around this limitation?

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    Re: Special footnote numbering request (2003)

    Think about this from Word's point of view. Whatever format you choose for the footnote numbers (numbers, text, symbols), they represent the numbers 1, 2, 3 etc.
    With continuous numbering, it may make sense to start at another number than 1, for example if the document is a chapter in a series of chapters.
    But with numbering restarting at every page, it makes no sense to start with 2 on each new page, even if 2 is displayed as a double dagger.

    I'm afraid I don't know of a workaround, except using a custom symbol for each footnote, but that of course would be very tedious, and prone to errors.

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