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    Password protecting a single form (Access 2003)

    What is the best way to password protect a single form in a database without password protecting the entire database. I have set up a database to enter to a given form with select fields to go to, what I want to be, an unsecured form, or to go to, what I want to be, a secured (password protected) form.

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    Re: Password protecting a single form (Access 2003)

    It depends on how secure you want it to be. If it's just meant to prevent users from accidentally opening the wrong form, you could display an InputBox to let the user enter a password, and only open the form if the password provided is correct. But it would be very simple for people to circumvent that.

    The only really good way to secure (parts of) a database is to apply user-level security. Lounge moderator <!profile=WendellB>WendellB<!/profile> has a tutorial with useful links on his website: The Secrets of Security.

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