I have Outlook 2002 installed at home. I also have the latest version of Norton Antivirus and have up to date data files.
Once Outlook is up I press F9 to collect any new email I have and Outlook displays the window showing that it is receiving messages, including the total messages available.
In the past couple of weeks I have noticed that this status window also shows that it is sending 1 or sometimes 2 messages. After checking I see that there is nothing in my SENT folder and I know for a fact I had nothing in my Outbox.
I conclude this is a virus of some sort but apparently it is smart enough not to leave any sort of record in the SENT folder. The last couple of times this has happened I have selected the sending item on the status window and cancelled it, successfully I believe. The status window shows the tasks as cancelled but there still isn't any trail in the SENT folder.
I have run my Norton Antivirus several times but it turns up nothing.
I would like help with the following questions:
1. Is it possible this isn't a virus? If so how would I verify that?
2. If this is a virus, any suggestions on how to track it down and eliminate it given that Norton doesn't appear to be effective at detecting it.