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    Taylor Vinters

    Addressbook (Word 2000)

    We are looking for a software solution provider who can write a front end for an addressbook which can be called from our letter template in Word 2000.

    From a button on the letter template we would call up the firmwide addressbook which has been extracted from our accounts package oracle datebase into an sql database running on a server. From the firmwide addressbook you could hook into the outlook personal contacts if you had a personal addressbook.

    Have you already done or could you do something like this. <img src=/S/brainwash.gif border=0 alt=brainwash width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Addressbook (Word 2000)

    Try 'Task Accelerator Corporation' (<A target="_blank" HREF=></A>). I saw a demo of their product and it seems to do exactly what you've asked for. The website doesn't give much practical information but it will give you contact details and I can really recommend that you ask them to come and give you a demo (no, I'm not getting any commission from them, but their product seems perfect for your requirements!)
    Beryl M

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