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    Locked Up (Windows - laptop)

    I was working on my nc6000 laptop and it locked up. I tried ctrl/alt/del, but nothing happened. I let it sit for 30 minutes because it is sometimes slow - I was working remotely to a server. When I tried to shut down - using the pwer button, nothing happened there either. Finally it did shut down. I don;t know what I did to make htat happen - or whether it was just time.

    After numerous tries this morning - it sounded like it was cycling around to try to start up, it is on. But I have nothing on the screen. I wonder if in "trying everything", I accidentally did something. The power light is green.

    HELP and thanks.

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    Re: Locked Up (Windows - laptop)

    This has nothing to do with Word. Please post in the relevant forum.

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