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    Protecting Table Data from a Query Change (Access 2003)

    I'm pretty sure there are several ways to solve this problem but I'd appreciate the easiest. As most database managers know, it's best to split the database, placing the tables on their own, only accessible by forms (to delete, change or add data to the tables). What is the simplest way to prevent a change in a Query affecting the underlying Table(s) i.e. if data is deleted from a query, how can one prevent this deletion occurring in the associated table(s)? Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Re: Protecting Table Data from a Query Change (Access 2003)

    That cannot be done. If a query is based on a table or tables, any change to the data in the query is a change to the data in the underlying table or tables.

    However, you can make a query "read-only" by setting its Recordset Type property to Snapshot. (Open the query in design view and click in an empty part of the upper half of the query. Then activate the Properties window.) It won't be possible to edit, add or delete records using the query.

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