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    partial replication (2002 )

    I have a text book that discusses partial replication for access 97, a Google search find this site very easily. I hope someone can direct me towards for the Microsoft addin url for access 2002. For access 2003 there is discussion of updating the jet to use partial replication. Would a replicated database require updates for 2000, 2002 or 2003 jet. I have set my file format to 2000 based on advised I have seen on this site. I am not sure whether this is the appropriate strategy for a small data base in 4 sites not connected by a network. Should I split the database into a front end and back end and only replicate the back end, then have every one send me their back end that I would synchronize then redistribute them back to my 4 sites. <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20>

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    Re: partial replication (2002 )

    I tried partial replication once, and gave up. It's even more complex than standard replication, and I would avoid it, especially when beginning to learn about replication.

    Definitely split your database into FE and BE components. Replication is *only* for the BE (tables). Do NOT replicate the FE (queries, forms, reports). Instead, you can distribute new versions of your FE using a tool like Do NOT under any circumstances have your remote users send their replicated BE to you. Once a BE is created, it must stay on the same computer in the same folder. Moving by email, floppy disk, USB drive, etc is a sure recipe for database corruption. Your remote users must be connected via network (eg, notebook computers plugged into the LAN) to use replication successfully. The reasons are a bit complicated to explain, but have a look at if you want additional information. You might also consider looking in Google Groups for microsoft.public.access.replication for a ton of information about replication.

    Without a network, you will need to supply some kind of dial-in access, then use Indirect Synchronization as supported by Microsoft's Replication Manager software.

    As for cross-version replication, I *think* you are OK using an A2000 replicated BE with any of the versions that you mentioned. I know there are issues trying to update an A97 replicated BE from, say, A2003, but that's not what you are trying to do.
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