I am trying to set up Macromedia Ultradev 4, but have been unable to fully install the Microsoft Personal Web server. During the installation, I get the error message "sysocmgr performed an illegal operation," followed by a message that "setup of Transaction Server core components" failed, and then other error messages.

Uninstalling and reinstalling produces the same result. Trying to reinstall over the bad installation produces a "MTS components" error message. Each time, I am going into the Ctrl+Alt+Del Close Program dialog and closing all running programs except for Explorer and Systray. I am rebooting and running Norton Windoctor to check for Registry errors between installations. (It's not finding any.)

The computer is a P3 500 Dell Inspiron 5000, running Win 98 2nd edition. I am using Sygate Internet connection sharing software, and Zone Alarm, but both of these have been closed when I'm doing the installations.

Your advice would be much appreciated.

Jon Falk