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    Taskbar displayed name (2002 / SP3)


    We have encountered a bizarre issue with Excel and our document management tool. Our organization is using Office XP SP3 and DocsOpen 3.9.5 Build 90 for document management. The problem arises when a user open multiple spreadsheets that are stored in DocsOpen. When you look at the taskbar, you see something like "!C354AH_.xls" instead of the name stored in the DocsOpen system. This problem only happens in Excel. For those of you who are not familiar with DocsOpen, let me explain how the process works. When a user clicks on save for a new document, a profile screen is displayed. This profile screen had various fields, ie. Author, document name, physical location of author, file plan number, etc.... All of this information is stored in a database, and the file is stored on a secured share on the network. DocsOpen assigns a name to the file, something like "!C354AH_.xls". The user doesn't normally see this name, what the user see, is the name that he or she typed in the Document name field. In about 80% of the cases, this is also true for Excel. For the remaining 20%, they are seeing the "weird names" as they call them. This makes it difficult when switching back and forth between spreadsheets, because they are not sure to what spreadsheet they are switching to because of the weird names.

    If I open one of these document, and display the properties for the files (File, Properties), I see in the General tab, the "weird name", and in the Summary tab, I see in the title field the name that was typed in the DocsOpen "Document name" field. Like I said, in about 80% of the cases, this is what is displayed on the taskbar.

    Now, here is my question. Is there a setting somewhere (Registry, ini file, etc...) that I can activate so that the information found in the title field is what gets displayed in the taskbar? What controls what gets displayed in the Taskbar?

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    Re: Taskbar displayed name (2002 / SP3)

    As far as I know, what gets displayed in the task bar is what Excel thinks is the file name and there is no way to get something else displayed. Apparently, DocsOpen is doing something to trick Excel 80% of the time. You will most likely have to contact them to find out what is happening.
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