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    Sending DB info to a remote file? (2000 ver 9.0.2720)

    Hi Folks

    A bit of a biggy this one but I'd appreciate any help you can give me ...

    I'm trying to create a form for my database which enables me to keep track of the number of updates my customers make to personal information I hold for them. Each of my customers is allowed a maximum of 100 changes each year.

    The customer contacts me, gives me the details of the update and I change their info accordingly. However, I need to be able to track the number of changes they make as well as store past (historical) changes in some way.

    My idea is this (please see the attached image for clarification) ...

    When a customer contacts me with details of an update I find their record in the DB (identified by their unique compID) and click the

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    Re: Sending DB info to a remote file? (2000 ver 9.0.27

    I think you should be able to accomplish all of this, in most, if not all versions of Access. You need to design a form almost exactly as you depict in your post. You did not mention the version you are using! (Yes you did! I see it!!!) <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    However I don

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    Re: Sending DB info to a remote file? (2000 ver 9.0.27

    Thanks for the reply.

    I don't already have a file on the server that I want to append to. I originally thought that a simple text file for each customer could be created (based on their unique compID) and this could be appended to each time a change is made on the DB. Perhaps this is too simple and won't work.

    I think I'll give you all some more information to clear things up ...

    The DB form I am intending to create links to a mySQL DB on our server. I envision that the mySQL DB will hold a record of the current update a customer has contacted me about. However, historical changes need to be saved somewhere. That's why I thought about having a simple text file.

    You mentioned another DB to keep a record of the past data. Perhaps I could just use another table in the mySQL database to store the data ... but how the heck do I write to it from Access?!!!! Presumably someone has done something similar to this many times before and I won't need to come up with the code myself! I think I might be getting in over my not-too-experienced-Access-head here!

    Thanks in advance for any input.


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