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    Missing Outlook Template File Type .oft (Outlook 2


    My office machine was upgraded to Office Standard 2003 yesterday from Office 2000. I'm figuring out most of the changes, but one has me stumped.

    I have several e-mail templates that I use on a daily basis. Previously, they were on my Office Shortcut Bar, and I would just click one to open up a new message based on the template.

    Of course, Office 2003 doesn't have the Office Shortcut Bar. I installed my old copy of Office 2000 into a new folder (called Shortcut Bar) taking care to do this as a separate installation, not an upgrade. The only thing I installed was the Shortcut Bar - nothing else.

    It now works again just perfectly, except for the e-mail templates. I can't get them to open, because when I go to Windows Explorer and look for file type associations, there is nothing for Outlook Template (.oft). All the other templates - .dot, .xlt, etc. are there, but not .oft.

    I attempted to create a file association for .oft with Outlook (which is not in the pick list - I have to browse), but that did not work either, likely because it's associated with Outlook as opposed to Outlook Template (which is how .xls and .xlt are differentiated). When I did it, and double clicked on a template, a blank e-mail would just open up, with the .oft file as an attachment.

    Strangely, the templates DO work if I go the long way through Outlook. If I'm in the Inbox and I chose New / Choose Form / then navigate to my .oft files, the e-mail template will open properly. The whole point of having the shortcuts was to avoid doing that 20-30 times a day.

    Any ideas on how to get the file association to recognize a "Microsoft Outlook Template" so that I can get everything working as it did under Office 2000? Is there any remote possibility that the installation of the Shortcut Bar had something to do with this? Before I installed the Shortcut Bar I could click on an .oft template file directly to open it - how and why would the Shortcut Bar screw up the file associations?

    Thanks for any help!

    John DeA

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    Re: Missing Outlook Template File Type .oft (Outlo

    I run Outlook 2003 on Windows XP Pro. The default double-click action for OFT files on my system is Open, and the command line for Open ends with:

    OUTLOOK.EXE" /t "%1"

    I think the /t is the critical part. What happens if you edit this? Windows Explorer, Tools>Folder Options..., File Types tab.

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