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    Downloading Patches - Where are they? (SP2 Pro)

    I recently downloaded critical patches and then installed them offline, rather then direct from Windows Update screen. I think they are in C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload. When downloading online I think patches are removed after installation. Is it safe for me to clear out this folder? I will keep the Windows$NtUninstall . . .folders so I can remove patches if necessary
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    Re: Downloading Patches - Where are they? (SP2 Pro)

    If you used Automatic Updates to download patches and install them later (usually at the next shutdown), downloaded patches are automatically deleted after installation.
    In the folder C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload usually are additional files (EULA text files and so on), which can not harm your computer. It is safe to leave them intact. However, you can delete them if you want - these files are not needed for Windows functioning.

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