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    Conflict folder (Outlook 2003)

    I'm using Outlook in Cached Exchanged Mode (also using a Black Berry and I'm told this is how it needs to be configured) and am seeing many items showing in my "conflicts" folder.
    I'm wondering - are the messages in the Conflicts folder 'copies' of a message or are they the same message flagged with some sort of tag that indicates it's a conflict.
    i'm trying to ultimately decide if i can delete them without getting rid of other messages unintentionally.

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    Re: Conflict folder (Outlook 2003)

    I don't use a Blackberry so YMMV.

    I use a Palm, and my understanding is that a Conflicts Folder item indicates an item that was separately edited on both the PDA and Outlook; Outlook doesn't know which item is final, so the PDA item overwrites the Outlook item, and Outlook keeps a copy of it's prior version in the Conflicts Folder. You can delete the conflict items manually when you are ceratin that you have the synced records correct.

    BTW, on a distantly related matter, see <post#=526957>post 526957</post#>.
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