Is it just me or is 2003 flakey compared to XP? On three different PCs I have similar problems... all have converted to unicode format and all machines are running Norton Internet Security.

at least once a day, each of them freezes while downloading email (wtih the little synch folder icon in the tray bar). Generally, just quitting OL (sometimes requiring a kill process to do it) and restarting corrects it, but something is wrong. If you do any other activity with outlook while it is downloading mail, it almost always crashes.

I've tried everything I can think of... compress files, archive a lot, run the .pst scan application. I'm also running Junk-out. I had all of this stuff when I used XP and never had any problems like this at all.

how frustrating. will kiss anyone who can give me some tips on this one...

thanks and cheers,