I am having difficulty opening an Access 97 database that is on a network share. It is using workgroup security via an MDW file located in the same folder as the MDB. The system returns an error indicating "COULD NOT USE MDW: FILE ALREADY IN USE". I have tried copying the MDW to the local C drive, but then it returns an error message indicating that the MDB file is in use. The original shortcut to this DB calls the access97 executable, the database as the first parameter and /wrkgrp as the second parameter with the MDW as the third and final parameter. The first and third parameters are utilizing URL's to the target and not hard-coded drive letters.

I seached MS knowledge base for about an hour trying to locate any reference to file in use, but had no luck.

I am not sure if I have provided enough details to help in resolving this issue, but hopefully someone has seen this issue before and can provide some guidance.