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    Problem opening db on other machines (2000)

    I have been developing a DB and have the back end on the serverDBAccess

    The front end is on everyones indivudal PC's in a folder cB

    I am recently been developing in WinXP Prop, and now try to open in W2k but errors now comes up when opening and particualy on 'strlogon = Environ("Username")

    It says can't find project of library
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    Re: Problem opening db on other machines (2000)

    Open the front end on one of the Windows 2000 PCs with the Shift key held down to bypass the startup options.
    Activate the Visual Basic Editor (Alt+F11).
    Select Tools | References...
    If there are references starting with MISSING, write down which ones they are, then clear their check boxes and click OK.
    Select Debug | Compile <projectname> to see if the code compiles without problems.
    If you get an error message "User-defined type not defined", you'll have to select Tools | References... again.
    Look through the list and try to find a reference corresponding to one of the MISSING references. Tick its check box, then click OK.
    Repeat if necessary.

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