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    Can't get rid of reviewing (Word 2003)

    I have a document that I'm having difficulty with. At some time in it's development the document went to someone who switched reviewing on (I think in an old Word version as I also lost all the Styleref fields at the same time).

    The upshot is that every time I open the document it appears with all the balloon reviewing comments. To get rid of this I have to make the reviewing toolbar visible, select 'Final' then kill the reviewing toolbar. I have to do this EVERY time. What can I do to switch off reviewing for this document once and for all? Its enought o make me consider going back to Word 2000!!!


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    Re: Can't get rid of reviewing (Word 2003)

    Selecting Final only hides the revisions from view, it doesn't do anything about them. Instead, click the little dropdown arrow next to the Accept Change button on the Reviewing toolbar, and select Accept All Changes in Document.

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