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    Opening as Read Only (Excel 2003)

    Just got Office 03 and have a question regarding opening a file in Excel.

    I have a file saved to the company network, why will Excel not tell me when I am opening a file that is already in use by another person. In the previous version, it would prompt me to try again later or offer to open as read only. Is there a setting I need to change to make this notification happen?

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    Re: Opening as Read Only (Excel 2003)

    Normally, the following happens:
    When the first user opens the workbook, Excel writes the name of the user at the beginning of the .xls file. (That is why the Date Modified property of the workbook changes to the date and time it was opened.)
    When a second user tries to open the same workbook, Excel sees the name at the beginning of the file, and puts up the "File in use" message box.

    If the workbook is read-only, or if it is stored in a folder in which the user doesn't have sufficient permissions, Excel cannot write the name of the user into the .xls file, so
    a) The workbook is opened as read-only, and
    [img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] When the next user tries to open the workbook, Excel doesn't see a username, so it just opens the workbook (as read-only if the workbook is read-only or if this user doesn't have permissions to modify the file either, normally otherwise)

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