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    Deadline icon bug? (2003)

    Has anyone else seen this behavior and know of a fix, or what I am doing wrong?

    I've created a deadline on a Summary task and the "green arrow' icon appears on the Summary bar, as it should.
    I then re-formatted the "green arrow" icon to be a red triangle. So far things still look good.
    I then checked off the "roll up gannt to summary" box so that key dates would be identified on the Summary bar. I then modified the symbols for the rolled up task and formatted some labels.
    After doing this, the deadline icon I changed to a triangle reverts to the default green arrow. I can't get it to display as the triangle.

    I've got a major presentation, and a boss is giving me grief over this, Is there a fix?


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    Re: Deadline icon bug? (2003)


    If you used any of the wizard features to reformat Project will make changes to the Deadline icons appearance. You should be able to go to Format - Bar Styles and define the look of the deadline. If this does not work if you post a scaled down copy of your file I will take another looke.


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