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    Table Update (2003)

    I have a form which contains a subform. The subform is populated with the following query:

    SELECT BOL.[BOL Number], BOL.[BOL LBS], [Beelman Invoice BOLs].[Beelman BOL Number], [Beelman Invoice BOLs].[Beelman LBS], IIf([BOL Number]=[Beelman BOL Number],Yes,No) AS [BOL # Match], IIf([BOL LBS]=[Beelman LBS],Yes,No) AS [BOL LBS Match], IIf([BOL Number]=[Beelman BOL Number] And Not [BOL LBS]=[Beelman LBS],No,Yes) AS [BOL Match]
    FROM BOL INNER JOIN [Beelman Invoice BOLs] ON BOL.[BOL Number] = [Beelman Invoice BOLs].[Beelman BOL Number];

    There is a relationship between the BOL Number field in the BOL table and the Beelman BOL Number field in the Beelman Invoice BOLs table.

    In the subform, I want to be able to change the BOL Number field and it update in the BOL table and not update in the Beelman Invoice BOL

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    Re: Table Update (2003)

    I cannot visualize what you are doing. You'll need to explain much more fully and clearly, for example: what is the main form based on, how is the main form related to the subform, why is the subform query based on two tables, why do you want to modify the field on which those two tables are joined? Etc. etc.

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