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    Meeting Requests Don't Show as Tentative (Outlook 2003 Sp2)

    The Communications Director will issue a meeting request for members of the front office staff. The secretaries are the ones who see the calendars and accept or reject the meetings on behalf of their bosses. I have one user for whom the meeting does not show up as tentative. She'll see the e-mail from the communications director, but it does not show on the first deputy's calendar as tentative. In some cases, she actually has to go in and input the meeting. Everyone else who is invited shows properly. I've checked all of her settings and everything appears to be the same as on my computer...where this works properly. Help!

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    Re: Meeting Requests Don't Show as Tentative (Outlook 2003 Sp2)

    Edited by HansV to correct typo (thanks, Leif!)

    Does this user have a rule that moves meeting requests to another folder? The "sniffer" only monitors the Inbox.

    She could try the following:
    - Quit Outlook.
    - Select Start | Run...
    - Type "C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice11Outlook.exe" /sniff
    - Press Enter.
    This starts Outlook and forces detection of meeting requests.

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