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    Form List Data Disappears When Sending as E-mail (Office 2003)

    I have a .dot file with form list boxes and form text fields. I open it as a Word document based on the template and make selections in the list boxes and type text in the text boxes.

    Then on the File menu, I click Send To and then Mail Recipient. The text appears in the e-mail with all the selections I made in list boxes and the text I typed in text fields. I send the e-mail to someone, or even myself.

    When I/they receive the e-mail, all the text typed in the fields ARE there, but the list box selections are BLANK.

    Why, and what can be done about it?


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    Re: Form List Data Disappears When Sending as E-mail (Office 2003)

    That's a known problem. HTML format doesn't understand dropdown form fields. The workaround is to select File | Send To | Mail Recipient (As Attachment).

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