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    Space in letter shows as box (2003)


    I downloaded some information and it seems that the cell is formatted as text, but the display shows a box everytime there is a space in the letterson that cell. I tried to copy it to another cell, but the box still remains. Is there a way to find change this without having to retype it. I tried to use format cells, but that didn't work. Any help would be great. Thanks.

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    Re: Space in letter shows as box (2003)

    Are ALL spaces displayed as boxes? If so, what font has been used?

    It might be a line feed; you can check this as follows:
    - Select one or some of the cells,
    - Select Format | Cells...
    - Activate the Alignment tab.
    - Tick the "Wrap text" check box.
    - Click OK.
    If the boxes disappear, they are line breaks.

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    Re: Space in letter shows as box (2003)

    Another way of working out what the character means is to use the code function. I use to have to do downloads from some old legacy systems and this character appeared all the time. I usually found it was a char(10) or char(13) character which the old system saw as a line feed or carriage return.

    Say the character is the second character in the string in cell A1 you could use the following function to see what character value it is and then do a find and replace:


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