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    Freeze in outlook (Office 2003)

    Outlook freezes when using word as your e-mail editor, if you change back to using HTML etc it works fine. I have tried detect and repair but this doesn't fix the problem, a reboot will work for a couple of days but the problem comes back.

    I have had this problem with a few of our PC's here and see that this problem is effecting a number of people as seen on the net. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

    any help please.

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    Re: Freeze in outlook (Office 2003)

    Using Word as the mail editor is more complicated than using Outlook's built-in editor, but it does add a few nice features (not enough for me to use it, however). Note that your choice of editor and choice of format are mostly independent of one another...

    One reason that Outlook or Word can appear to freeze is that a dialog is waiting for a response in the other application. Can you find any dialogs when this happens? Try using Alt+Tab to switch around among windows if there is nothing useful on the Task Bar.

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