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    OpenFileDialog (Excel 2000+)

    For those of you that open multiple files with Excel, you may have noticed that on versions since 95, the Multiselect returns the file list in a random order instead of the order selected. I am trying to fix this by replacing it with the GetOpenFileName API with a hook that intercepts the WM_NOTIFY message and keeps its own internal list of filenames. I'm having trouble getting the file name. I need to send a message to someone, somehow to get it, but I'm having trouble figuring out the details.

    OK, that's the big picture; here are the details. I started this months ago with, I believe, Hans's class wrapper for GetOpenFileName, see <post:=505,867>post 505,867</post:> and then got busy with other things.

    To that beginning, I set the OFN_ENABLEHOOK Flag and added an lpfnHook procedure. So now whenever the user changes the file selection, a WM_NOTIFY message is sent to my hook proc, but I cannot figure out how to grab the filename.

    I think that has the solution because he gets the filename in his hook procedure, but his is the most cryptic VB code that I have ever seen. His code that is pertinent is
    <pre>Function PosProc&(ByVal nCode&, ByVal wParam&, Inf As CWPSTRUCT)
    ' 11 lines of code left out
    Case &H4E 'WM_NOTIFY
    RtlMoveMemory NM, ByVal Inf.lParam, Len(NM)
    If NM.code = -12 Then
    S = String(255, Chr(0)): DoEvents
    SendMessage hw, 1125, 255, ByVal S
    S = Left(S, InStr(S, Chr(0)) - 1)
    Form1.T1 = Mid(S, InStrRev(S, "") + 1)
    Select Case LCase(Right(S, 3))
    Case "bmp", "jpg", "gif": Form1.P1.Picture = LoadPicture(S)
    End Select
    End If

    However, my code for the hook is called differently
    <pre>Public Function OFNHookProc(ByVal hWnd As Long, _
    ByVal uMsg As Long, _
    ByVal wParam As Long, _
    ByVal lParam As Long) As Long
    ' 6 lines of code left out
    Case WM_NOTIFY
    Debug.Print " Notify"

    Do I really need the CWPSTRUCT? Can I just send a message to the hWnd in my parameter list? What is 1125? I would rather use named constants. Any clue as to the other WM_ messages that I get? Thanks for any help! The workbook is attached. --Sam
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    Re: OpenFileDialog (Excel 2000+)

    Maybe I'm being dim, but what is wrong with sorting the Variant array returned by the GetOpenFileName function?
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    Re: OpenFileDialog (Excel 2000+)

    Sam wants to retrieve the files in the order they were selected by the user, not in alphabetic or similar order.

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    Re: OpenFileDialog (Excel 2000+)

    You may want to look at this page and search for CDN_SELCHANGE, which I think is the type of WM_NOTIFY message you need to be looking at.

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