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    Contacts Subfolders (Outlook 2003, SP1)

    I have an attorney who has subfolders of her Contacts. Her secretary needs to be able to access them. They appear in the Folder List just fine. However, under the Contacts list, the subfolders show up under "My Contacts". The attorney's main Contacts folder shows up under "Other Contacts". When the secretary click's on one of the attorney's subfolders to create a new contact, the new contact goes into the secretary's main Contacts folder. The key to getting the new contact to go into the attorney's subfolder seems to lie in the need for the subfolders to show under "Other Contacts". I cannot figure out how to get these subfolders to show up under "Other Contacts". I tried opening the subfolder from the folder list and then created a new contact, but it still shows up in the secretary's main folder. Does anyone know how to get the contact subfolders to appear under "Other Contacts"?

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    Re: Contacts Subfolders (Outlook 2003, SP1)

    The problem is in the Address Book dialog? I'm not sure whether it can be made more intelligent... probably easier to create new contact records directly in the contact folder.

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