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    Durations change when entering acutal work! (2003)

    Another issue: I've inhereited a project scheudle and am confused (so what else is new?)

    The main puprose of this schedule is to track planned hours of a resource against actuals.
    The schedule is set up, based lined and all tasks are set as "fixed duration". Calcualtions in the tools-.options box are set to manual. However, while in the "Resource Usage" or "Task Usage" veiw and attempt to update actual work, my start and end dates change if the hours entered exceed the planned hours. Why? I do not want to see dates change when entering actual hours work.

    What's going on?

    Help! :^ )

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    Re: Durations change when entering acutal work! (2003)


    The setting for manual calculations in Tools Options allows you to make manual changes to the Total cost field. By default this is a calculated field in Project not allowing you to make manual changes. This setting does not change calculations for scheduling.

    Projects scheduling formula is Work = Duration * Units. Work to Project represents the labor hours. Duration to Project represents the working days allowed for the task, and Units represents the number of assigned resources. To maintain the integrity of this formula once you have made you initial resource assignment ANY change you make will trigger project to recalculate one of the three factors. You can use a Task type to control one of the three factors from recalculating which you have done by setting all tasks to fixed duration. This means to project if you make a change work or units will recalculate. You could control the dates completly by setting constraints on your tasks. Fixed duration does not control specific dates.


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