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    Changing Recordset Information on each loop (Access 2003)

    This post may belong in the VB forum???.

    I'm working on setting up an output table that will be used for a Bill-of-Material report, to which I will be using visual basic to build this table. My question is, is their a way to change a recordset on each loop of a Do while statement? For instance, I may have a recordset that has 1000 records, but I'm only interested in 15 of those on a specific loop (next loop may be something completely different). I could loop through the entire recordset, but something is telling me that this isn't the most efficient way. What is the most efficient way to handle this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Changing Recordset Information on each loop (Access 2003)

    Of course you can open and close a recordset within a loop. You haven't provided enough information to give more specific advice.

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