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    Access Averages in Reports (Professional Edition 2003)

    I am creating a report to see the satisfaction average for 3 of my training centers. I set this report up but know want to know what the average is but want to leave out 2 classes from one location. How would I set this up ?
    Thank You !

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    Re: Access Averages in Reports (Professional Edition 2003)

    Welcome to Woody's Lounge!

    You can probably use the DAvg function. The expression would look like this:
    =DAvg("Satisfaction", "NameOfTable", "ClassID Not In (3, 12)")

    NameOfTable is the name of the table containing the data.
    Satisfaction is the name of the field that contains the ratings.
    ClassID is the name of the field identifying the classes.

    If a name contains spaces or punctuation, put square brackets around it, for example <code>[Class ID]</code>

    In the above, I assumed that ClassID is a number field. If it is a text field, put single quotes around the values:
    "ClassID Not In ('Math 101', 'English Lit')"</code>

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