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    Outline Numbering in WORD (Word '03 sp2)

    I have a constant need to do outline numbering in tech documents.
    Due to the dynamic nature of the IT solution we are building, all the documentation is going through constant changes. Through the course of composing these documents, others are accessing documents to update graphics, add new content, etc.
    Not, one of my documents the outlined numbering is all out of wack. Meaning, this document starts with Section 7 and needs to follow with section 7.1, 7.11, 7.2 etc.
    I can't just go into the outline view and promote/demote AS I HAVE SUCCESSFULLY DONE IN THE PAST with this document now. What is the smartest way to handle the reumbering of outlines in tech documents when there is a constant need to be updating.
    I looked at another document that is fine. It starts with section 6. It appears to me that custom headings were established to get from 6 to 6.1 to 6.1.1.
    Is custom numbering required?

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    Re: Outline Numbering in WORD (Word '03 sp2)

    Is your numbering linked to the Heading 1, Heading 2, etc. styles? These seems to work better with Outline view than custom styles with Outline levels assigned. And numbering seems to work best when set up in the top level heading. This has been set forth more lucidly by others who use more numbering, perhaps in a star post on this board? If your document is set up that way now, try posting a sanitized "demo" document that shows the problem.

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    Re: Outline Numbering in WORD (Word '03 sp2)

    Custom numbering is required whenever you want to customise the numbers. I am a strong believer that you need macros to stay in control of the outline numbering and perform the various tasks required in normal numbered documents.

    If you want to really understand what is happening with your documents you should do some background reading. A good starting place is Shauna Kelly's How to create heading numbering and outline numbering in Microsoft Word and Why use Microsoft Word's built-in Heading styles

    You will also find <post:=76,976>post 76,976</post:> is useful because you should only ever edit an outline list from the top level item (to avoid creating a new list).
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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