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    SEQ macro for numbered steps (Word 2003)

    I've been using a macro version of the Sequence field workaround on my Windows 2000 (Word 2000) system with much success to create instructional steps.

    But my client has Word 2003. Does anyone know if the same macro works in 2003? It didn't look the same when I typed in the codes or made the autocorrect entries, so I abandoned the effort. In 2000, for example, you see {MERGEFORMAT} as part of the code line, and in 2003, you don't.

    I can send a short sample document with the macro embedded, or I can send the instructions for entering the macro itself if either would be helpful to answering my question.

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    Re: SEQ macro for numbered steps (Word 2003)

    I think it should still work in Word 2003. The * MERGEFORMAT switch specifies that directly applied formatting should be preserved when the field is updated. If you don't need that, you can remove it, and if you need it, you can easily add the switch.

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