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    Print Status (2003)

    I have a form which displays details of quotes. The user gets the option to print the quote by means of a button, which then asks for the quote number. Is there a way of displaying on the form, that the quote being displayed has already been printed.

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    Re: Print Status (2003)

    You could add a field Yes/No field named Printed to the table.
    Add a line to the On Click event procedure of the command button to set this field to True:
    Me.Printed = True
    Put a text box on the form with control source
    =IIf([Printed],"Quote printed","")
    Set the Locked property of this text box to Yes and the Enabled property to No.
    Note: do not name this text box Printed - giving it the same name as the field leads to confusion, since Printed is used in the formula in the control source.

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