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    copying text from multiple messages (5.50)


    I have about 100 message from a mailing list in a sub folder in Outlook Express. I'd like to merge all the text of the messages and copy it to MS Word to make it easier to read, search and change font sizes etc. Anybody know how to do this? (In the old Outlook Express, the sub folder was a file which you could open up with Word.)


    Mike Cribb

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    Re: copying text from multiple messages (5.50)

    i thought you could select all and save, but my copy of OE6 beta doesn't allow that. <img src=/S/frown.gif border=0 alt=frown width=15 height=15>

    outlook can, if you have it installed. export from oe to outlook for best results. this gives you a nice text file with the internet headers removed.

    finally, the dbx file can be opened in notepad, word or any other editor. it has a lof of extra crap in it, but the message bodies are intact and usable, especially if plain text. (html is messy). close oe, find the folder, copy it and change the extenstion of the copy to text for double click opening.

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