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    Print Macros in Word (Word 2000)

    We have a toolbar which I have added 3 new print buttons to - Print Fee, Print Deed and Print Headed. When I try and use them now it comes up with a macro security error.

    I created the Print White and Print Letter buttons as well earlier on in the year. And I thought I had done them the same way - they work perfectly.

    Can anyone help?

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    Re: Print Macros in Word (Word 2000)

    Security error, hmmm. If your Macro Security level is set to High, then only code in certain templates will run. I assume the three non-working print macros are not stored in the same template as the two working print macros. True?

    What is your security level and do you have the following boxes checked?

    Tools>Macro>Security..., Trusted Sources tab,
    Trust all installed add-ins and templates
    Trust access to Visual Basic Project

    Templates on the network are less readily trusted than local ones. Not sure what else might be coming into play...

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