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    Windows Defender Beta updated. Error 1609 solved.

    Since other threads about Windows Defender are related to specific problems I put this in a new one.

    You know, everyone is recommending MS Windows Defender Beta (WD), and I was one of those having problem with non-English OS. So I do look at the news from time to time. After some days last week the Swedish MS site was updated and they did not recommend it at the moment for non-English versions of Windows.

    Now I looked at WD download site, it said version 1051, published 2006-02-23, <img src=/S/hmmn.gif border=0 alt=hmmn width=15 height=15>, must be a new one. Headed over to MS Anti-Malware Engineering Team blog, yep an updated version is out.

    Windows Defender Beta 2: Updated Version Available
    <hr>An updated version of Windows Defender Beta 2 is now available from the Microsoft Download Center. This update resolves the two issues described in the below blog post relating to non-English versions of Windows and referenced in KB915087. If you are running on a non-English version of Windows, then we advise that you uninstall the previous installation and install the updated version. If you are running on an English version of Windows, then no action is required.

    Also, a new definition update package is now available from Microsoft Update which should resolve the problem described in KB915105. Users with Automatic Updates enabled will be notified of the availability of the release in a manner consistent with their Automatic Updates settings.
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    Re: Windows Defender Beta updated. Error 1609 solv

    I had a ~3MB Windows Update this morning for Windows Defender, to replace about half of it! I suspect that is what is being referred to...

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