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    Toolbar misbehaving

    Hi all,
    I created a subfolder under a network drive, which use NTFS file system. The subfolder, named Files, contains shortcuts to Ofiice files that are located in various subfolders under the same drive. I draged the Files subfolder to the taskbar and created a toolbar.
    The problem is that after the computer's startup routine ended, only the toolbar's name appeared, without the >> sign (pic 1), which allows to open the list of all shortcuts and then to choose one of them from the list.
    Only after I opened one of my desktop folders, run one of the applications in it, close the application, and close the folder window, the >> sign appeared, and then I can use the toolbar and it's list of shortcuts (pic2).
    Does anyone knows why it happens and how to fix it?
    My compter uses Windows XP Pro SP2 and the network uses Windows 2000 Server.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Toolbar misbehaving

    When you don't see the arrows, try grabbing the handle on the toolbar and dragging it slightly to the left, away from the System Tray, until the arrows appear. If this works, right-click on the taskbar and select Lock the Taskbar. That should prevent the arrows from being hidden when you restart.
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